About the Festival

The 5th International Mobile Learning Festival (IMLF2018):
Mobile Learning, STEM and Transdisciplinary Education, 8-9 June, 2018, Singapore
Conference Venue: Aventis School of Management, 100 Orchard Roard, Singapore

The 5th International Mobile Learning Festival (IMLF2018) will be held in Singapore. Building upon successes of the previous conferences, we continue to explore Mobile Technologies and Emerging Learning Design in the context of school, higher and corporate education. In 2018, we give special attention to, and explore STEM and other emerging transdisciplinary initiatives in education and research, and make strategic links with mobile and emerging learning technologies.

The IMLF2018 will be an exceptional platform for sharing information on contemporary approaches to human development and education at all levels, STEM, learning design across many disciplinary boundaries, mobile learning, and Learning 2.0+ from around the world. The conference will feature evidence-based developments led by mobile and emerging learning technologies and paradigms, and explore their relationships with STEM.

Tertiary and school teachers, education policy makers, researchers, education publishers and designers, research students, learning technology developers and human capital agencies are all encouraged to attend and engage with colleagues at the IMLF2018. Your participation will contribute to the discussion and exploration of the most important developments in mobile learning and emerging learning technologies and paradigms and STEM (and STEAM, STREM, SEED, etc.) education.

The conference speakers will provide unique perspectives on technology, STEM and human learning, and highlight practical enhancement of human agency through embedding of mobile and emerging technologies in learning design. The IMLF2018 will explore concepts, practices and issues that provide pathways for effective integration of mobile and emerging learning technologies in STEM education at all levels and environments such as, open, self-directed and flexible learning, blended learning, flipped learning, MOOCs, and socially-networked learning. The foci will be on the four key elements of an effective learning design: Resources, Activity, Support and Evaluation, and engage in examination of enabling conditions and articulation of coherent strategies for advancement of mobile and emerging learning design and their adoption in STEM and other transdisciplinary learning activities.

Building on our standard format, which includes keynote speakers, invited speakers, paper presenters and industry presentations, the IMLF2018 will introduce virtual presentations.

In addition to a special issue of a good journal in the field, we plan to write the 2nd volume of the Mobile Learning Design Theories and Applications book to be published by Springer.

Submit your proposal, papers and nominations for speakers by 15 February, 2018.

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Keynote and Invited Speaker


 Professor John Williams, the Director of the STEM Education Research Group at Curtin University, Australia.
IMLF2018 -- The Second International Keyenote Speaker Confirmed
 Professor Manu Kapur, Chair of Learning Sciences and Higher Education, from the presigious ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

IMLF2018 -- Local Keyenote Speaker Confirmed
 Dr Wong Lung Hsiang, Senior Research Scientist, Office of Education Research (OER), NIE, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
IMLF2018 -- Regional Speaker Confirmed
 Dr. Mariam Mohamad, Deputy Director (Postgraduate Studies, Network and Alumni), Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Prof S. Gopinathan, Academic Director The HEAD Foundation

Scientific, Academic and Practical Themes

Mobile Learning, STEM and Transdisciplinary Education

  • Mobile and emerging learning design
  • STEM Education – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Digital humanities and education
  • Other transdisciplinary design approaches – STEAM (STEM + Art), STREM (STEM+ Reading/Writing), SEED (Social, economic and environmental design), etc.
  • Computational thinking
  • Design thinking • Emerging learning technologies in education: e.g., VR, AR and mixed reality, 3D printing, Robotics, Wearable technology
  • Emerging learning design frameworks for transdisciplinary education
  • Digital resources for mobile learning
  • Social media in education
  • Game based learning design
  • Learning analytics and mobile learning
  • Evidence-based research design and practice with mobile and emerging technologies
  • Assessment of mobile learning, STEM and transdisciplinary learning
  • Professional development in mobile learning, STEM and transdisciplinary learning

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Important Dates

Abstract/Full Paper Submission Deadline (Final Call):
16 May, 2018

Registration Deadline for Participants:

The Conference Dates:
8-9 June, 2018

Pre-conference Workshops:
7 June, 2018


IMLF2018 Publicaitons

In addition to the IMLF2018 Proceedings, selected papers will be included in the Special Issue of the International Journal of STEM Education.

IMLF Publications

The following are publications based on the previous IMLF conferences:

  • Proceedings of the 1st International Mobile Learning Festival

  • Proceedings of the 2nd International Mobile Learning Festival

  • Proceedings of the 3rd International Mobile Learning Festival

  • Proceedings of the 4th International Mobile Learning Festival

  • Special Issue of the Interactive Technology and Smart Education Information 

  • Special Issue of the Educational Media International

  • Special Issue of the Interactive Learning Environments

  • "Mobile Learning Design: Theories and Application" published by Springer


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Event Coordinated by Consultants International for Human Capital Development (CIHCD)

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